South African Booty Thread

It’s a start. The fact that she’s suggestive and asking for money for it means for the right price, she’ll go all out
Can you just sub and see for yourself so that you can stop all these scenarios you are playing in your head
See this one "she's kinda difficult but iv seen her nudes on a ******** group I was kicked out from " she sends to some dude she trusts n sorry if the dude is here so yeah everyone has a price tag
If you find something worth it, don't forget to hit a bro up. She's shedding into that ho she wants to be so bad. Think she's of age now.
Seems like it. It’s a shame because they had some really nice ladies with great shape on that site.

I smashed one of the ladies on that site and she was gonna link me with some other ladies on the site as well. We shall see

That's annoying cause I'm still looking for "Sonya's" content from them.