Skinny Girls with Disproportionally Gigantic Boobs

can we stop all these fake titted asian chix. 99% of them have implants and never go topless, its not really a part of any skinny girls withj gigantic boobs thread, unless you add "fake tits" in the title
well, kinda. The natural busty ones mostly already have their own posts such as Momoka, infini_abc, Ma You Rong, and so on.
I know for a fact that many Asian women post heavily filtered pics and you don't see me ever posting them.
Other natural ones are Shion and Julia Boin. Maybe not huge by this forum's standards, but after even a ton of debates through the years, Julia among others has natural (but deflating, alas) tits after all.

It is also cultural. Save for a few outliers (infini_abc, Miss Ma/Hong above, Anastasya K.), etc., many Asian girls simply are stuffing the whole time. For JAV specifically, topless is the bare minimum, so yeah you can tell or at least guess in most cases. Conversely, Mikah (well, my judgment) is not stuffing.
For the average busty ones here (pictured), they are obviously natural busty, nude or not:


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Don’t know who is it ?
Colleen Sheehan with a face filter


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Roberta stopped posing nude in the 70s, more recent pictures are fully clothed.
She apparently opted to keep her slender figure, so her boobs took a less prominent role in her physique.
One of my faves from the past. I occasionally wondered what she looked like nowadays...
cute and innocent boobies :devilish:

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Damn fine detective work

This dude puts Sherlock Holmes to shame.