Katie, Thick and Curvy (NO SOCIALS PLEASE)

Damn, that's nice. I can't wait for this one to show it all too!
Alas that show has come and gone. She did have an OF at the end of 2020 but closed it at the start of 2021. I subscribed for a month but didn’t save anything since it was pretty unadventurous

Looks like she still has it, and was active 9 hours ago.
Ah I was talking about Katie’s OF. I knew Mikaela still had one and very good it is too
Because she is Scottish
Yeah I found out just now from looking at this thread, for no reason I thought she was Canadian idk why my brain just assigned her a nationality :ROFLMAO:
IThe "UK" is not a country, it's a union of 4 countries, one of which is Scotland.
UK is a sovereign country, and Scotland is a constituent country in the UK, like 100% of sources will describe the UK as a country cos it is one