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    Ultra rare giant chest sightings

    If that is a molded plastic patio chair, that might be the oddest thing about this picture. Every "slightly overweight" or larger woman I've known will not sit in them for fear of them shattering under load. She has guts and boobs.
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    Itskaitiecali discussion

    $26/min is like high priced escort action @$1,560 an hour. Maybe you want to inquire if she'll just "meet" you for an hour and get her all out of your system at once. @ $1,560 an hour my wallet keeps screaming "Dem titties ain't that big".:ROFLMAO:
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    Blkpaper's Everyday Life Candids

    Was that Goldmember with her? She looks Toight.
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    Jolene - BBW4U

    Yeah I bet he feels terrible when he’s positively laying the wood to her. :ROFLMAO:
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    Mystique 46M - MATURE SSBBW

    Might be “Mystique 46M” from adultwork UK escort site.
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    Ultra rare giant chest sightings

    I would have been hammered at that concert giving her an exclusive distribution contract to my beer. Hell, I might even enjoy the miller lite.
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    Itskaitiecali discussion

    Maybe she's losing subs to Thotter and is increasing the margin to keep the cashflow the same? (This town ain't big enough for the both of 'em) What do I think? I think for the most part there are very few probably worth any subscription. OF is like the wild west of porn, you get what you get...
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    Who would you marry?

    Isn’t this the definition of marriage? You can look but don’t touch? However if somehow, things changed for me I’d probably take a run at Karla James. See if she’s interested. :ROFLMAO: If not maybe she’s got a sister or cousin….
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    Who is the luckiest guy in the world of big titties?

    Was it John MacAfee? I might know why nobody’s heard from him. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Sick joke-
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    Biggest I’ve seen

    Have you seen her again? This was a great sighting. Hate to see it not repeat. Those were worth going a little out of the way for another chance encounter. Good luck. Maybe you’ll get really lucky and have an “experience” as well.
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    The Biggest Gigantomastia Tits Ever Literally!!!!

    She’s big. Clearly she stores most of her fat in her upper body. This is why a lot of women are rightfully told to lose weight first. Also the risk obesity plays in surgery complications is quite large.
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    First time wife

    Just curious, what kind of “housework” causes a woman to pull on her nips? I want to make sure I put that task on my chores list.
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    Billie Eilish has Big Tits

    I never thought her tits were big, and after looking through this, I still don’t.
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    The Biggest Gigantomastia Tits Ever Literally!!!!

    Damn. This chick is trying to eradicate all the big tits in Africa. And get paid while doing it.
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    Jessy Bunny: Titjob !

    Oofa. Looks like one of those gag blow up dolls now.
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    Anybody have a stacked friend who’s big melons you always wanted to see?

    I’d go for it. You’re probably the last guy that she’s thinking is just into her for “the tits”. Sounds like you’ve known her for quite some time and maybe she’s comfortable with you. Good luck.
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    Drake discussion thread

    Just imagine all the anonymous huge tits this guy is getting after the signal he put up on stage with the big bras being tossed. Every unknown non social media BBW that saw him marvel over a 46J is probably thinking “I have a shot, I don’t have to be a size 5 for this dude” For all the women we...
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    Huge Boobed friend just had a kid…

    But the site owner does. Genius pyramid scheme. I wonder if they are going to give out Pink Cadillacs like Mary Kay used to. Maybe they’ll use pink Vulvas, I mean Volvos. :ROFLMAO:
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    Huge Boobed friend just had a kid…

    Aren’t all onlyfans ladies instant millionaires? It seems it’s the new American dream to prosperity. All of them seem to be in the top 1% apparently. How could you lose? Or maybe they’re all bad at math.
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    Biggest White Breasts (DNP List Applies - Add Yours Too)

    IDK. She gives off that "Jason Voorhees" vibe. How are you supposed to jack off while running out of the cabin at Camp Crystal Lake?